The Lighthouse Church 

Experience Christ | Engage in Community | Embrace the Lost


Experience Christ

The disciples were privileged to physically walk with Jesus. To witness His power. His love. His message.

We believe The Lighthouse Church is a place where people will experience the Spirit of Christ the moment they walk through our doors. From the worship, to the Word, to our Children's chapel, we believe one experience with Christ can change a life forever. We do not desire a church experience, but an experience with Christ; not just throughout our day but for all of our days.

Engage In Community

Christ demonstrated the importance of gathering together with His disciples; it was important during His time with them and crucial in His departure. Although He left His Spirit, He also left His people.

We need community. In fact, Christ made community an important part of advancing His kingdom. At The Lighthouse Church, we provide not only a corporate setting for gatherings, but throughout the week, we provide an opportunity for discipleship, community building, and an encounter with Jesus and His Church.

We need Christ. We need community.

Embrace the Lost

The poor, the broken, the marginalized and the abused have always had the attention of God. Jesus proclaimed good news to the poor and freedom for the prisoners and the oppressed. God loves all people but has always had His eye on the ones that everyone else has overlooked. We want to join God in bringing hope to the ones that need it the most. At The Lighthouse Church we not only practice in reach but out reach. Through our Love Bombs, we embrace the lost with the love of Christ through acts of service. Our long term and short mission initiatives are supported both spiritually and financially to facilitate this important call.